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Home Energy Services


Weatherization Assistance installs energy saving measures that provide long term relief by reducing energy bills. Make your home more comfortable, healthier and safer while using less energy! 


  • furnace safety inspection, tune-up/repair, and/or replacement

  • insulation of attics, walls, heating ducts, floors

  • insulation or replacment of water heater

  • air sealing of windows and other air sources

  • compact flourescent light bulbs

  • other energy improvements

  • Personalized Energy Management Plan


Eligibility – Any individual, homeowner, or renter whose income meets the following guidelines may apply for the Home Weatherization Program.

 Family Size 
Income is at or below 

The Federal Government requires that preference is given to people who are 60 years and older, and those with disabilities. There is a waiting list for this service. Your patience is appreciated 

Required Documentation 

  • Proof of family income (current pay stubs, or award letters from social security) 
  • Proof of ownership
  • Completed application
  • Current electric bill
  • Renters - signed landlord program rental agrement  



Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) 

A variety of services to help assist with home heating in the winter, or home cooling in the summer. Applicants must meet income guidelines. Services include: 

  • a one-time per year assistance to help pay for home heating
  • financial assistance, one time per year, to households threatened w/home heating disconnection, or have had heating disconnected, or need to establish new service or pay to transfer service, or for emergency bulk fuel delivery when supply is down to 10 days, or less than 25% of tank 
  • assistance to offset high electricity costs associated with summer cooling, or assistance with purchase of an air conditioner 
  • extended payment arrangements with some gas and electric companies to accept payments based on a percentage of household income
Pipp Income Guidelines   HEAP Income Guidelines
13 Week
13 Week
1 $18,090.00 $4,522.50   1 $21,105.00 $5,279.25
2 $24,360.00 $6,090.00   2 $28,420.00 $7,105.00
3 $30,630.00 $7,657.50   3 $35,735.00 $8,933.75
4 $36,900.00 $9,225.00   4 $43,050.00 $10,762.50
5 $43,170.00 $10,792.50   5 $50,365.00 $12,892.00
6 $49,440.00 $12,360.00   6 $57,680.00 $14,420.00
7 $55,710.00 $13,927.50   7 $64,995.50 $16,248.75
8 $61,980.00 $15,495.00   8 $72,310.00 $18,077.50

Please call to make an appointment, and to learn what documentation you must bring.
Walk-ins are accepted, but waiting time can vary from brief to lengthy. 


Free Upcoming Event! 

A lawyer from the Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (SEOLS) will be available at the Winchester office of the ABCAP agency on three separate occasions before January 31st to offer information about Ohio landlord-tenant law and Fair Housing requirements. The lawyer will be at the ABCAP office at 19211 Main Street in Winchester, Ohio on Monday, January 22nd from 8am-10am; Wednesday, January 24th from 2pm-4pm; and on Monday, January 29th from noon-2pm. All of the presentations are free and open to the public.

Topics covered in the presentations will include protections and responsibilities under Ohio Landlord-Tenants laws, including an overview of the eviction process and rent escrow process. Also addressed will be protections under the Fair Housing Act for protected parties, including people with disabilities. The presentation will include advice on how to request a reasonable accommodation/modification and how a landlord should handle such requests. There will also be information presented on how to file a housing discrimination complaint with HUD and/or the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

SEOLS is the legal aid law firm serving low-income persons in Adams County. The local office is in Portsmouth and can be reached by telephone at 740-354-7563 or 1-800-837-2508. The e-mail address is portsmouth@seols.org and SEOLS can be found on the web at www.seols.org



800-233-7891 Ext. 139, 140
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Ohio Development Services Agency – online contact for Weatherization and PIPP 

Adams County
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Ext. 135, 136, 152

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Brown County
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